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Thanks for landing on Part 2 of the series, still if you haven't read Part 1 check them out to understand what we are talking about.

In the earlier blog, we discussed the mindset and it was more about how you should prepare yourselves to tackle it throughout the journey. Getting the right mindset is really important, you can learn to code anywhere but bringing out the mindset all matters.

Mixing Creation and Consumption

For instance, let's take you to want to learn to make a website. Before taking a jump in, you gotta make sure what are the things I gotta learn. …

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Programming?

Please, don't ever say it's HTML (or) CSS neither both isn't a programming language. But still, we would have at least came across things like,

  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript and the list go on…

Before jumping into the blog, I am gonna cut out technical jargon as usual. This is not a blog from a technical perspective rather, one that would help you fix the learning better.

If you started to learn a Programming language, or even after learning you somewhere felt lost then this could be the blog might…

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It was all started on Nov 12 all of a sudden published my first blog on the internet. I never had an intention to push this to a whole level challenge of writing 365 days and publishing it.

A rollercoaster of emotions goes by when I start to write my blog almost every day. There are times after finish writing an entire blog and binning it just because it doesn't satisfy me.

There at times went to the verge of quitting this challenge.

Lemme put whats my experience and how it had been so far till today.

Numb to start out

Getting started always…

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The idea of this blog is to cut jargons out as possible I can. To give an overview of Machine Learning and the reason we opt for it.

I was reading the book called Hands-on Machine Learning with Sklearn and TensorFlow, I wanna put out things I read here as a practice (selfish) or teaching someone out there what I learned.

Let’s jump in

What is Machine learning?

A field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so.

Enough with the definition, you hear this almost everywhere.

Let’s understand how it differs from traditional programming once…

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I love technology, especially something with Artificial Intelligence, which excites me a lot. I have been learning and practicing AI for quite a few months an interesting thing I observed was people implementing research papers.

Feel thrilled when people working their ass off and tryna build something from the researcher’s work, makes us think how far we came across and how great the frameworks and libraries have been built these days.

One thing I like about this tech field is the evolution of new ideas and new technology stack emerging almost every day and how competitive it’s becoming day by…

It’s been a long time since I worked during the nights, I was really obsessed with my sleep especially hitting the bed at the right time. But surprisingly greater ideas and much of my motivation arise during the late-night sessions.

The thing I miss still is to take note of those late-night ideas. Write them somewhere and react upon it to open my misty eyes in the morning.

For a change this late-night session I will use it for my blog writing. Think about how can I write good / fair blogs so people can actually read it.

The act of selfishness is weird, most of the scenario I try not to be one. This will be the moment you care for the opposite person, going inside their mind think from their perspective.

From their perspective at times I have let down myself, it can be time, respect it can be anything.

Standing in other’s shoes and thinking about them at last fucks right behind you. I faced a lot, which gradually pushes me into the pool of depression. And what’s next? I don’t wanna quit blogging.

I write good shits or not, but at the end of the day, I come here to reflect on myself and love myself for at least 10 mins or so whilst writing. When everything ends there is nothing to talk about, just me and my laptop.

Something odd happened today and something which shook me up totally. Physically my body hasn’t been good for the past few months, my skin became pale, my hair became frizzy enough where I can’t run my fingers through it, began to develop a little tummy underneath, in short, physically I let myself down.

After a shower today I began to notice my hair was hard and unhealthy and observed few grey / white hairs. That was an absolute shock, I wasn’t able to do anything. I googled, I never cared about my body ever what I am eating, what they…

As the days progressed things started to feel harder and harder. Always wait for the ideal day where I could turn up everything but it never comes.

Leaving everything behind which helped me to write, create things now I feel like complete shit. I don’t know when I will turn things in well, I keep writing that it will be soon enough. But for now, I don’t see any positives on my side.

Tough times, really hard to cope up with things. Hopefully, I will bounce back.

Been writing for 110 days which means 110 blogs, but as I said in my previous blogs there is a huge decline in my potential and ability to create things.

I will spend the next hours reading my whole blogs at least some of them which could benefit me and get back into the mode how I was when I started. Seems there are a lot of things to revive and a lot of things to acquire.

Ashik Shaffi

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