Have been learning machine learning for a while and I can say I have come a long way. When I started there was no imposter syndrome, but as I began to learn and explore things started to kick in. But now my mindset is pretty clear on how to deal with imposter syndrome and using it as an external force to step up my game.

Thinking about this for a while, I came up with a plan on taking up a big project where I am not sure whether I can do it not. But all I know is, I will hopefully figure things with time. To get this challenge composed. I have a 42 days deadline. So what's all about that?

In short, If this project worked out really well then it's fine but what if it didn't? Well in the end it's gonna be just 42 days, and I should be happy about the takeaways during this course of time.

42 days and a big dog project excitement at its peak. I am like a blind guy with one goal is to have fun and learn, regardless the fact how hard it's gonna be. Expecting nothing but my happiness and willingness to push myself out of my boundaries, will see how it pays off.

Machine Learning Practitioner