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Machine Learning Practitioner
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It's been a year since I started writing and I still remember my first blog was on my birthday and it was about the things I managed to figure out before turning 20. Since then I wrote almost 210 blogs and some were readable and most of them weren't. So…

Welcome back again champ, hope you had read the previous blog which is Part-I of ML 101, if not then read up here Machine Learning — 101 (Part-I).

So, in the previous blog, we came across a basic intuition of What ML is. …

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Programming?

Please, don't ever say it's HTML (or) CSS neither both isn't a programming language. But still, we would have at least came across things like,

  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript and the list go on…

Before jumping into the blog, I…

I love technology, especially something with Artificial Intelligence, which excites me a lot. I have been learning and practicing AI for quite a few months an interesting thing I observed was people implementing research papers.

Feel thrilled when people working their ass off and tryna build something from the researcher’s…

At times I tend to feel why do I decide to write again because nothing has changed except the fact I delivered three machine learning blogs in the past 1 and half months. Before it used to be 1 or 2 in 6 months well quite progress there.

But also…

Have been learning machine learning for a while and I can say I have come a long way. When I started there was no imposter syndrome, but as I began to learn and explore things started to kick in. …

I realized I write things when only I am alone. When there is no one except my laptop to ponder my feelings on it. But these days being alone isn't easy, it gives me thoughts and making me remember the times I wanna pass by. …

Let’s unravel the working principle behind the neural network.

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The term neural network doesn’t need an introduction at all, only a few know the power of a neural net and a lot of people wanna learn this extraordinary tech. What are you going to read here then? …

Getting hands dirty with code

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Hope you guys read the previous part of this blog, where we discussed the following topics,

  • When do we call a ‘program’ a machine learning model?
  • How to convert a traditional program into a machine learning model
  • 7 steps
  • What are gradients

If you didn't read the previous part, make…

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Writing a tech blog isn't an easy thing, what do I mean by that? But I am the same guy who is saying writings blogs are fun and easy most of the time. What's the actual difficulty then?

I am not sure about others but for me, not every single…

Ashik Shaffi

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