A flaw in the writing

Hear out my flaw today.

A lazy workflow I picked while writing a blog is writing them at night. Things went well until I pushed my writing up to the deadline hour which is by 12:00 am.

There were times I start writing at 11:45 and end them moments before the deadline hour. The occurrence of hustle during those deadline hours make me run out of ideas and even I couldn't focus on writing a good blog at times.

A fix I gotta focus on here is, finish my writing during the morning hour or never push it till after 8 pm or so. Pushing my writing till my deadline actually wrecks other tasks that I had piled up throughout the day.

One of the factors for my unproductive run too.

Writing blogs is fun but when it ruins the other tasks in my day-to-day life, I start to develop annoyance feel over the act rather than doing it with zest.

There is no point in writing with a pressurized shell covering me every day, that spoils my joy. But at times I gotta push myself over to do a thing that I don't like, but it's an issue if it turns out to be everyday workflow.

Do you procrastinate something till the end of the deadline? Does it how your workflow works? Then you need a fix in that! So am I.


Machine Learning Practitioner

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