After today’s jummah prayer I met my friend and we started to talk about teaching what we know to others and make a small profit from it.

And I have this idea later in my mind which is to create content. I am still learning and I thought it would be good if I teach what I know to others and plus I will learn a lot too.

Teaching is another form of learning, where you gotta go through the materials not once or twice, but recreate what you know in multiple forms and try to explain to someone who has no idea about the subject and they understand.

I learned a lot and still learning through my journey, but I didn’t get a chance to deliver what I know to someone. So yeah, Ima gonna make videos about projects and tutorials later on Youtube.

Before everything, I am more concerned about putting my soul into doing this. I wanna make it best and possibly cheap/free to others. I just recorded a dummy session to check how my mic works in this link.

It would be really helpful for anyone of you reading this blog, pop into the link and listen to my crap dummy session, and lemme know where I could possibly improve?

Machine Learning Practitioner