I feel pity seeing people who act crazy and comparing actors with gods, well yeah I consider that stupidity. Growing up I wasn’t much into films but I do watch however no actors made me feel WoW! It’s their job and they do it well there is no point in comparing them with gods.

Good acting is one thing but being a good human being is something beyond the boundary, it shows the real face of the actor out of the camera. And the world will celebrate and praise that kinda actor throughout their life.

Living in the south never been exposed to that many Hindi films yet certain films will be dubbed to our language but not everything looks promising. I was switching channels randomly one night got no place to go bored. All of a sudden a movie popped in named MS Dhoni: The Untold Story being dubbed it was so promising and engaging.

I couldn’t take my eyes off even for a single frame I was so much into it. Growing up in India everyone knows the name Dhoni especially in the South he is massive. Well, the movie ended and I was curious to know the name of the actor who lived as Dhoni in that movie.

I googled and it was Sushant Singh Rajput….

Just another skillful actor I said to myself but wasn’t into him that much. Years passed by but I couldn’t let myself off from that movie probably the only Hindi movie I watched an enormous number of times.

We know the world got hit by the worst pandemic and we all went into lockdown, had a crucial duty to stay inside our houses. A normal morning on June 14, 2020, everything was good and I was into my regular schedule.

I don't know why but for weird reasons something inside me wanted to watch a news channel all of a sudden. I did switch the channel and it was around 1 pm I guess, eating my lunch peacefully.

That moment, I couldn't get off it from my mind till now probably I couldn't ever. Sushant Singh Rajput is dead.

I am not a really big fan of him and watched barely one movie of him and know anything about him. But that moment I had tears rolling down my eyes, and food wasn’t able to get past through my throat.

I couldn't believe still now he is no more, and the news and everyone claimed he died because of suicide. From that moment till now I don’t buy the suicide theory and never will.

I fell into the greatest depression after all this happened, me watching videos of him and loading myself with nothing but pure guiltiness that why I haven’t come across much about him before. Why now and especially when he is no more.

After searching a lot about him I forgot him as a renowned actor, I started to admire him as an extraordinary human being and philanthropist. For a couple of months, there wasn’t a single day that I haven’t thought about him, and almost shed tears for him.

His movie got released after his death, cried and celebrated every moment of him. Not just me million people go through this in their hearts without knowing an absolute reason Why him?

People who haven’t heard much about him or people never watched any Hindi films at all, started to feel pity about his loss. From America to Australia everyone mourned his death, a higher official of certain countries even paid respect to him.

A guy who was full of life and had a handful of ideas and plans to empower the youth of the nations, now sleeping on the deathbed.

I realized that day the hardest pain was not death, it was killing a person’s dream. This feeling of misery brings more pain than his death.

From studying space, living in the world of stars with peace now. Such a shame still people in here using his death and making profits. How pathetic and cruel the world is becoming.

January 21, today we celebrate the birthday of a great human being. A guy who left so many takeaways that one can embed it themselves and crave themselves into a better human being.

The ultimate Justice for his death in this cruel world would be nothing but empowering ourselves into a better human being and learn from him the paths he left for us.

I love you Sushant. Thanks for the takeaways, you will always live inside me and others with your qualities and takeaways.


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