A Perfect Hot Shower

Waking up early, getting involved in workouts, reading a book working on my personal development, sitting up for hours in an online class, coding, and writing.

Before ending my day going to sleep, my body looks dull and lifeless. There is no energy stays still, muscles and nerves went tired off. Even sleep wasn't fulfilling at times to restore my body.

I used to take shower normally during nights but honestly, it wasn’t that refreshing. Still, I had muscle pains and the dullness embedded in me.

Out of curiosity and after a long time I tried a hot shower. Damn! it was so soothing and refreshing as soon as the hot water landed on top of my head, it was so revitalizing indeed.

As I let the water flowing through my body, I felt my muscles fair enough healing and the body pain flowing down with the water itself.

Getting to sleep after such a refreshing hot shower brought me a good and comfortable sleep. Made my mind empty out of all pressure and tensed moments I came across throughout the day.

Closing my eyes thinking of my loved ones, letting the body do its job to get myself falling into the unconscious state to revive my brain.

Here starts the blissful moment. And paving a way for a challenging and fresh morning.



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