About my ruined times…

Writing out of the heart and combining two of my main skill set for writing been hiding out somewhere for the past 1 week. If you read my blogs on a regular basis, you could observe now I am crying out my struggle to write something out each day.

I couldn't write things out these days aligning my heart and mind. Those were 2 things I keen on while writing something out. It makes the blog more engaging or shed with intuitive ideas to craft it better.

Whatever I read or known before, wouldn't strike me now while I am writing things out. These days hard to choose what to write, I realized having fucked up morning routines eventually fuck you out of the whole day.

I am stuck now with what to do every day in my life, without a choice to make end up watching Mr.Robot and getting into the character of Elliot and make myself weirder.

Tough days? Yea it happens for everyone.

Inconsistency kicked in ruined my whole system of productivity. Even though spending less time on social media (less than an hour), I feel whatever I am doing doesn't worth it.

Everyone has their bittersweet days, it feels good being unproductive and doing no shits at times. These bittersweet days might feel good for a short period, till your purpose of life pops in.

The things I didn't do for the past 1 and a half week,

  • Writing out Journal
  • Reading Books
  • Work on my Personal Development

Those things above were my headstart every day, without them I feel numb and total shit.

Hope to hop back in my cabin of positivity and energy asap. I can fix things back with little more consistency I can pour in order to follow the trial.

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