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Writing a tech blog isn't an easy thing, what do I mean by that? But I am the same guy who is saying writings blogs are fun and easy most of the time. What's the actual difficulty then?

I am not sure about others but for me, not every single blog gives me satisfaction, not all blog does sound good. Despite the content, I really see whether the words coming right from my heart. Also most of the time, the blogs get worse just because of the deadline. Writing every day is a goal, but writing good blogs every day isn't a necessity rather a choice.

After writing be it a block of code or just a tutorial blog, I admire the beauty of that only when I feel that came right from my heart.

Alright, what does right from my heart really means?

Something I do out of fun, not cause of pressure. But most of the time when the writing turns into pressure, I step back. Well at least in this way I will not hate the act of writing. Like an hour ago I was writing a tutorial blog on Neural Networks, so much excitement and been crafting every single line from my heart.

When you write in such a way by understanding whats might be the thoughts going into the reader's mind while reading this line, changes the whole scenario.

I count on that every single time and something really vital for me. Will I read this blog for straight 5 minutes? If not, then I better bin it. And like I said every blog need not be like that, some especially the one which means a lot to you.

Craft things from your heart, admire your creations things will not be the same ever.

I am smiling at this blog while wrapping up, it's not the best but something means a lot to me. At the end of the day, that's what all matters to me.




Machine Learning Practitioner

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Ashik Shaffi

Ashik Shaffi

Machine Learning Practitioner

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