Everyone has a unique quality in them. Which doesnt fade away at any point in their life, be it when we are super happy or broken into pieces it stays still.

Likewise a quality I learned in my life not a long time ago, but it stays within me and changed the entire me with the time. All my hard times and facing numerous betrayals and all those betrayals taught me how to be kind.

I have never been grateful for the quality that is in me. But now I could proudly say, the most admiring quality of myself is being kind to peoples. Not just with the people I love but also the people’s pushed me into pitfalls and showed me the phase of betrayals in my life.

We all learn lessons in our life, but our good stuff fades away with the hurdles and hard times. Being yourself and still preaching out love and kindness will sound fishy but the process might seem long road.

No one would get you everyone knocks you off, at times we feel pissed off more. But when one realizes it, there you go the feeling is something I can’t put up in words. From that moment we will leverage better qualities throughout the journey of life.

I love myself and leveraging great qualities in my life just by being kind and making people around me comfortable.

You could win the world, trust me.

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