Cooking cure for loneliness

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I spend 95% time lonely in my bedroom and my laptop. I got very few people in real (2) whom I can actually reach out to or share things with. So yea fucked up introvert circle.

This is obviously why I push myself to learn new things and craft myself better and unique from others. I never felt bad or worried about being like this, instead, I am happy I could shed my focus and interest on something else. As a 20 year old you gotta pep talk yourself like this even if the life seems fucked up!

I suck at cooking but can't compete with me on eating dishes. Putting my focus solemnly on being productive sometimes lead to crucial burn out which won't be a positive sign after all.

On having Youtube and enough groceries in my kitchen, even I can pretend myself being a cook. Exactly what I did. Watch some random videos hit the kitchen with full confidence to make this dish out extraordinary, counting on how Gordon Ramsay would react to it.

When I indulge myself in the act of cooking at times I forgot how miserable I feel or how lonely I am. I smile all through the process of cutting vegetables except with onions, frying things, and have no clue from time to time whether it's cooked or not.

Yea, somehow I find cooking the best company to cure my loneliness at times. It can be anything painting, doing a sport, etc… there can be even multiple things that could do the job for you.

Cooking is one of the things I would opt for when I feel lonely, well there are other things too. What you guys do when you feel lonely?



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