Could this be the trigger?

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I love learning, especially learning different tech stuff, well to be more precise things like AI, programming, and designing. The Tech field evolves every day, the thing you learned yesterday might get outdated in a short period. To get the hang and follow through this field, learning should be eternal.

Learning should be eternal, oh yeah I believe in that. But stacking up much of desired tech stuff would eventually lead to burnout.

My learning curve was declining ever since I started to add more things into my arsenal. I began to lose my focus, prioritizing became a problem, there was no clear vision in me about what’s next.

But why all of a sudden I ran out of ideas and my vision broke off?

I stopped journaling. One of the things which helped to keep track of my every bit of movement and my plans. I used to write about 20 mins every first hour of my day, about how I expect my day should look like and in what ways I could improvise from yesterday. These 2 questions helped to structure my vision and helped me to put up a great day.

Alright shit, we go outta bounds. This is was a blog about negligence and the process of neglecting certain things to keep up the flow and consistency of my learning.

Took a blank paper, listed down things I wanna learn in my life. Drew a column aside named Prioritized shits for the next 6 months. But hold on… Haven’t I done it before? To be honest yup, but there were flaws that I couldn’t fix, and yeah stacking things was the biggest problem.

I picked fewer than 5 things that are really important and I should focus on them readily without any stops. I gotta stick it on the opposite wall of mine, so I could keep an eye on it and never fall back another side.

I neglected things that aren’t the need of the hour for now. And categorized those prioritized shits into a couple of categories namely short and mid-term goals composed of weekly and daily to-do lists.

Know what? I am great at planning things and executions run well for a week or so, then shits will start to pivot. And yeah the pivot might later turn into a flaw, eventually, the flaw transforms into a fucking obstacle knocking my consistency and flow down.

But I did something weird this time, rather than working as a race horse, I allocated certain learning hours (6–7 hours max) every day. Might not come below or go beyond those hours tryna keep in the optimal hour.

An extension can only be applied during weekends since those were the days I feel most lonely and I wouldn’t be pissed off stretching my lazy hours for learning.

Could this be the trigger at last? Are you sure?

If it’s not you will definitely read blogs about me ranting how desperately I failed again, don't worry!




Machine Learning Practitioner

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Ashik Shaffi

Ashik Shaffi

Machine Learning Practitioner

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