Deal with Reluctance

There is a bag of things we hate in our day to day life from persons to food we all have our own choices. When the choice doesn’t gratify us we can either bring down the choices or come up with a new one to settle things up. So it’s easy we can fix things up and bend it to our needs.

But we never reluctantly push ourselves to deal with it. Why?

I took up a challenge to write and publish blogs every single day for a year. It was huge to me, a guy who never published a blog before nor don’t know how to write one. Things have been good for the past 5 days but today, I was not willing to write and publish.

I tried writing down but there weren’t fruitful ideas where to start one. I was on the verge of breaking the chain, but something sparked me up, that I gotta do this.

Kick your Zombie out

Everyone has so-called Zombie inside them, which hide our fears and purposes and prevent us from doing which is essential. We often fell into this trap and we agree with Zombie’s offer.

When my Zombie convinced me that it’s fine to break the chain for today, I was merely okay with it in the first place. But wait.

What is Zombie afraid of?

Google said to me it's fire, so will stick with it!

I replaced fire with an obsession with my purpose, when we start something new, it can be a challenge, work, or anything, we always have a purpose. If your needs aren’t met it justifies there was no purpose.

I was obsessed with competing for this challenge my arse off no matter what happens. The purpose was simple.

I should be able to write anything tops my head. (Thanks Daniel)

I should make an income out of writing.

Whatever the task is when you get to do it for more than a month you eventually fell in love with it. There is a Myth out there at times Do what you love, but in the most scenario, we gotta deal with tasks which we even don’t love.

I am feeling okay towards writing every day and it’s fun but there is no love for it yet completely. The truth in most cases is we love things that are easy and don’t cause us any heavy lifting.

Zombie’s job is to drive you to Myth, we then play our part of departing from it.

Acquiring obsession (aka) fire

Start with pen and paper, jot down all of your (Why, How, What, etc..) doing this task. For instance,

  • Why I have to do this?
  • How will it benefit me?
  • What's the outcome at last?

Questions depending upon your task and answer them one by one by putting yourself into the process. This will make you clear with your purpose because you went on a tour inside you and it bottle’s down your anxiety and trust issues.

We got the fire, but we need Gasoline in-order to spark this forever isn’t it? That’s where bringing in our friend Obsession, untie with motivation as soon as possible.

Read those question’s you asked for yourselves, I recall my purpose every day after waking up so I fill up my gasoline, to buckle my ride for a longer run.

When we stick with our purpose no matter how reluctant it feels, our obsessions push us to leap forward to get things done.

I dealt with my Zombie’s kicked those arse hard off and finished writing my blog! Do you know what they are afraid of? It's your time now to kick them now!

Have a great day! Hope you liked this one 😇




Machine Learning Practitioner

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Ashik Shaffi

Ashik Shaffi

Machine Learning Practitioner

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