Sitting out on my balcony having my cup of black coffee, things were in my control. My every arm hair could feel the breeze as I was watching those birds freed flying out.

A quirk question hits my mind, What if we all living in a simulation?

What if everything around us being programmed by someone not less than us?

What if our decisions aren't really our decisions, except we choose best out from other decisions?

What if our choices are nothing but bundled inside our models of reality?

Do we really need a college degree to prove our worth?

Why are we more obsessed with things going on social media?

Are we being put on hold by someone, someone who doesn't want us to know our potential and power?

Why we always feel dissatisfied with things, and being convinced because we are humans? Can’t it be models of reality been said to others to suppress their potential?

Are we really making something out of our own? Or just taking for granted what the world gives us?

Why media’s, politicians, social media plays a manipulative role in our life?

Why we follow other’s footsteps instead we can care about creating our own one isn't?

Why it feels weird to be thinking out of the box at times? Why most people don't?

Why we believe in someone blindly with the highest success and fame and failed to notice our novelty and put our thoughts under the bed?

A moment of pause…

Just noticed I ran out of coffee, awkward feeling starts to hit me. But wait.. I feel tremendous for some reasons.. Did I hack my models of reality?

Are these questions are the questions needed to be asked by every single human being?

I end up here and leave it up to you..

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