Doing the unpleasant

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

It’s been almost 160 days+ since I started to write every day, I broke the chain 3 times till now but still carrying away with my challenge. I guess there is no stopping oh yeah, Don’t break the chain was my goal but it seems the certain situation doesn’t matter how hard you try things won’t go as per your wish.

Writing every day feels like an unpleasant task at first even now sometimes, it was hard at the beginning but looking back I have progressed a lot lately. Learning how to write every day, and I make tons of mistakes, grammatical mistakes in my blog but as I write things start to make sense.

Talking about doing unpleasant tasks, I have a bag of them. Writing blogs was even one of them but when I decided to do the unpleasant task repeatedly every day in my life, turns out to be it doesn’t feel like one.

At first, I had a hard time picking what words should I use to write blogs, google meanings of certain words and the worst read other blogs and copy-paste at times (only twice). But now this doesn’t feel like a real hustle and I don’t google about things anymore.

Do the unpleasant things on a daily basis till they feel like a pleasant one. I am gonna apply this thing to get rid of my fears, hesitation around different things in my life.

For instance, I am not good at public speaking (or) holding a conversation normally with someone. I lived most of my life as an introvert and communicate with less than 2 people (excluding my parents) every day in my life. Speaking in front of the masses always been a problem for me, and I don’t want it to prolong.

So I decided to start a podcast to speak on different topics every day for maybe 100days or plus. Exciting and the nervous thing about this challenge is, this will be published on the internet.

I believe me recording a podcast of 10 mins per day for 100 days can bring in a significant change in myself. And this will be published on the internet this could possibly even get rid of my fear of public speak and open myself for any conversations on the table.

Things will be live on the internet soon. Thanks!

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