I have been learning machine learning for almost 8 months now. From a guy who ran away from the internship, machine learning seemed like a bad choice at first.

But there is a saying one moment could change your life, likewise, one course did really changed my whole life. I happen to meet Daniel by taking his beginner-friendly machine learning course on Udemy. Since then a lot had changed, not professionally but also personally.

Until then I had no choice or idea what I am about to do next, well do I got a stable choice now? Well Nah, not really. But instead, all I wanna do is learn and create + plus enjoy my life.

I began to love what I do and put my soul into it expecting nothing but caring about my satisfaction and happiness. My learning was different when I switched my mode from the job to merely focused on satisfaction mode.

What about money?

I didn’t think or worried about money during the course when I was learning. All I had in my mind is to learn every day and get better. Doing these eventually got me paid, and yeah I landed my first part-time job as a Teaching Assistant in Zero to Mastery Academy.

This wouldn’t have happened without Daniel Of course, not just the course the support from him and the things I learned throughout the journey really shaped me well.

Oh yeah. Do what you love, keep aside money for a while. And help people and have a great bond with them. Best takeaways of this year.

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