Energy Nap

I went on a complete marathon of learning a course on TensorFlow without even sleep. Well, that wasn’t the obvious reason at first, I suffered a mental breakdown which eventually made me awake for the whole day.

As the day progress, I can feel massive dehydration in myself, but I wasn’t able to really sleep and If I do I will mess up my sleep paradigm and it will loop back making me stay up the next night.

But I gotta balance my soreness and shouldn’t sleep till night. I tried but eventually passed out on my bed without setting an alarm. All of a sudden I woke up exactly after an hour and a half, surprisingly I woke up without an alarm.

After waking up I felt so much energy in myself, I was clueless how an hour and a half nap gave me such an energy usually the one I would feel every morning.

Things were fishy, but I was able to finish my work and wrote this blog which no one would read.

Peace out.



Machine Learning Practitioner

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