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  • Michael Simmons

    Michael Simmons

    I teach people to learn HOW to learn / Serial entrepreneur / Bestselling author / Contributor: Time, Fortune, and Harvard Business Review

  • Yassine Alouini

    Yassine Alouini

    Data Scientist in the making. Enjoys reading and writing about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science in general.

  • Lavanya Shukla

    Lavanya Shukla

    🐉 Trainer of dragons & models. 🧚🏼‍ Lavanya.ai.

  • freeCodeCamp


    This account is now inactive. Follow our community’s Medium publication instead: https://medium.freecodecamp.org

  • Andrei Neagoie

    Andrei Neagoie

    Senior software developer. Currently teaching 200,000+ developers around the world modern skills. Say hi @andreineagoie or zerotomastery.io

  • Timo Ernst

    Timo Ernst

    JavaScript • YouTuber → http://timoernst.tv

  • Rachel Thomas

    Rachel Thomas

    fast.ai co-founder & professor USF Data Institute | twitter: @math_rachel

  • spaCy


    Build tomorrow's language technologies and parse the web. #NLProc

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