Getting Paid for Learning

When I wrote my blog named Things I figured out before turning 20, I was hoping to earn an income by 2022. My birthday was over and I got committed myself to a Machine Learning project, I was a beginner but all I had was the confidence to face it, questions raised I took my decision without an excuse.

Before getting to the sweet part, If you ask me Will I ever make money by learning Machine Learning? Or by means of Freelance?

My answer was straight NO!, I never had a hope that I can get generate income by learning ML, in-fact I was looking forward to starting a frontend freelancing to earn bits of money.

The thing I was amused about is, I was learning and experimenting with what I learned on the project. It was more of learning and experimenting and plus for a bonus, I was getting paid. I see this as a confidence booster indeed, not because of money instead of the impact my skills are creating.

This led me into a newer path of creating what I consumed so far, this paved the way as a cornerstone for me to go forward and gave me hope that I can generate income by learning what I love.

My sheer confidence is top of the hill, my purpose was to create, and realized when we stick with the purpose magic happens.

My purpose was never to do something sake of money, it was for the sake of satisfaction to date. Then why I care about money? By using this bonus I got for my work, I will upgrade myself by buying things which can improve my learning.

Learning is something really important in my life, I keen to do it every day without fail. I took it upon as a skillset everyone needs in their daily life, learning a lifestyle is what I strive for.

The amount of money which I got paid was which isn’t much by numbers but I was satisfied with my work and plus this brings enormous joy. I bought chocolates for my parents and 10% of the money is for charity all the time which a decision I took when I started to earn 10% of my payment will be for charity.

The lesson I learned is really crucial for me and maybe for you all whoever reading this. Learn a skill only because it satisfies or makes you feel happy, never does it for the sake of money.

Respect the value and time you spend on it, trust me magic will happen. Whatever you expect might show up if we had the right dedication and work.

Don’t put your satisfaction on money, your learning matters look forward to it. Create with what you learned to use the Internet as your whole stage, excite and entertain people with your creations and work. They will reach out to you if they truly love you!

I was consistent on putting my work all over the internet, I scattered my creations everywhere possible. I had a belief somewhere the magic will happen and it eventually did.

Machine Learning Practitioner