Hey! I care about you...

We are busy in this modern world thinking about satisfying people virtually on social media. But we tend to forget about people around us in flesh, we have this simple savior word ‘I am busy right now .

Are we really? Maybe at a certain time but not all the time isn't it? When you utter that you're busy it nearly means you being unproductive.

Social media became the new drug pill, we forget to wish people on birthdays by calling, posting them on stories that give us more happiness. Worrying about someone’s loss on social media nowadays proves you actually care for them. Worst case some do shout out to the world I acknowledge their loss and I care for it.

From being us we bent into the world of showing off things.

I have less than 3 people around me, I love them or care, and I say it to the right on their face or by almost every day.

I am grateful for every few people around me, rather than a whole bunch of social rats. Making them feel delightful in person brings more positivity and adds reality to the word or action. In fact, we are humans provoke expressions by our physical actions, but we hiding behind virtually tryna be someone we wanted to be all our life.

Do you love someone? (or) Wanna show that you care for them?

Put down your damn gadgets meet them in person or by (call at least), express how you feel or care for them. Practice humanity, we ain't bots after all.

The word ‘ Hey, are you doing good ‘ in real can unlock human within us. Do you hold a grudge for someone? Not too late to replace it with friendship.

I am moving away from social media, I feel a little human. I urge you to try this, replace virtual time with real-world interactions.

And people who read this, thanks for your time and know what?

I love you 😄

Machine Learning Practitioner