How am I able to write consistently every day?

Let's be honest this ain't no rocket science, I still remember the day before while I was planning this whole thing, there was no clarity inside me. Till the moment I started to write my blog, never had an intention to do this thing.

After writing the blog for the first day, I felt nothing but weirdly there was something adding up to myself. Never thought this weird thing could stimulate me every single day from day one.

The weird and most useful thought is,

‘ If I broke the chain today, then I gotta write new blogs from day one ’.

How pissed would it feel, breaking my chain on the 31st day and then kicking out the challenge from scratch leaving behind all those 31 blogs start from zero?

This weird thought, somehow gets me running every day whatever the situation is. The fear of failing is overtaken by the fear the failing of doing everything scratch once again.

I can't say is a right mindset or not, but all I care about it this shit keeps me on and on every day.

The hard thing about this challenge is to write new things every day rather than reinventing the wheel. Almost hitting 50 days near, it's a great feeling for a guy like me, never felt the taste of consistency.

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