How I felt fasting for 20 hours

I am not new to this whole fasting thing, but still, 20 hours is something I never been to. Recently, I had put up some weight under my belly, tryna reduce it, and even to kill mind fog I thought fasting would be a solution to get over these.

I don't have much knowledge of intermittent fasting, especially balancing my diet. The goal was to test whether I can withstand for 20 hours without any food and live with water. I had a plethora of confidence because I had been fasting for almost 14 hours without food and water, but realized fasting doesn't only depend on hunger.

My food habits were horrible, so was my sleep cycle. I use fasting as a fix for my bad habits, but the challenging part was the hunger and mindset. Been to horrible food habits and going under a 20 hour fast was challenging at first.

In fact, I failed for two consecutive days breaking my fast with 12 hours. Loose food habits even tricked played with my mindset, that I couldn't retrieve my confidence and fight for 20 hours.

I was still and challenged myself during the 3rd day, there is no way of turning back from this. So yea, I fasted for 20 hours, and felt big for me more like a rejuvenation from all the worse habits I was holding all long. Somehow fasting brings me energy and clarity on doing things, which embedded with mind fog at times.

Looking forward to a month of challenge immersing myself in fasting to improve my mindset meanwhile my health too. Whatever you read here absolutely my takeaways and how I felt so take it as a grain of salt.



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