An important announcement, you guys know that I write every day and still do. I love to write technical and tutorial blogs, but medium doesn’t seem like a good place for a tutorial blog.

For instance, the blog which I wrote a couple of weeks before named Building a Confusion Matrix was an utter failure. The feel of the blog wasn’t good and even I wouldn't admire a blog of such kind, truth to be told.

That’s why I planned to write tech and tutorial blogs on fast pages, a great platform for blogging and no ads and shit. The best feature is you can convert your .ipynb notebook into a complete blog post.

Jupyter notebook into a blog post

So I might write some of the blogs at fast pages hereafter and there will be no blog here at times.

The link for the fastpage blog site:

I love coding along in Jupyter Notebooks and convert them into a blog, it seems hassle-free and the representation even looks clean.

Cya there!

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