I bought a lavalier microphone

I have no clue till now while writing this blog why did I buy a lavalier microphone. The funny thing is I am recording myself right now whilst writing the blog. It’s more like me using it as a toy, how would a 9yr old play with action figures immersing themselves into the world of fantasies and get carried away with that.

I am really obsessed with creating content every day, even though I struggle to write a blog every day but at the same time, I wanna be a content creator, seeing other people doing kinda really make me feel wanna do it so badly. What I am gonna do? I got no idea, but in the future, I will try to record videos or even make podcasts where I will be talking shit all over.

But the real reason is without a second thought I bought this thing, I don't know why yet somewhere I feel I will make good use of it. Before recording a video or podcast I will try to create them in a blog at first and record them after publishing the blog.

I love to do crazy stuff, I don’t know what’s up for me. But I am loving what I am doing.

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