I broke the chain

Ashik Shaffi
3 min readFeb 22, 2021


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For some of you who been reading blogs would know, I am up to the challenge of writing every single day for a year and publish them on the internet. Everything was perfect till the 70th day, and after that, it began to feel like a burden. My blogs weren’t good enough, after hitting the publish button I was holding a lot of guilt in myself.

I wrote for 101 days so far and yesterday the chain was broken by me, it wasn’t unexpected, to be honest, I did it all by myself to teach me a lesson.

This blog writing might seem normal for people looking outside the grid, but in reality, attaining consistency and keeping up the heat is fucking hard, and important writing relevant things also countable.

As the days go by between days 85 to 100 my blogs became to look more irrelevant and sounded awful. I became lazy on the other hand and writing every day seemed more like a burden rather than a healthy challenge. The worst part is when the challenge turned into something more of a burden, that's when things started to pivot on the other side of creation.

I couldn’t even write a blog on things I learned, which I always wanted to do but my lazy ass keeps me away from all sorts of productive things. There were way more factors than laziness that kept me away from doing things. Imposter syndrome was one of the important things which came halfway and ruined all my confidence. I began to shift my focus here and there, things started to feel hectic along with laziness everything went outta hand.

One of my important factors involved in breaking the chain was writing the blog before the end hour of the day, which is 11 pm. By this, I tend to procrastinate my writing thing till the end hour and do shits between those hours, when I am about to write the blog at 11 there isn’t much idea that comes into my mind.

The main goal remains is not to break the chain instead at first it was to write relevant blogs. But somewhere deep inside me, I feel happy about the 100 days, but the guilt remains still.

Am I gonna give up with just 100 days?

No way, never it was just a day and a handful of lessons, gotta pick this and try to take this challenge much more seriously and write good shit from here on. It might sound like an end to the count of 100 days, but it's something I forced myself into to sacrifice a day for the sake of waking up my lazy ass back again.

I wrote my blog and published it on worst scenarios, at times wrote the blog on my phone while traveling, even at times when there is no internet still I made it. This will not be an end, never will be.

I will keep writing every day and publish them on the internet, from now on will try to take more responsibility and will push myself to create more through my writings which I didn’t do much in those 100 days.

Cheers, thanks for supporting me for 100 freaking days.



Ashik Shaffi

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