I didn’t sleep for a day

I know how important sleep is, skipping sleeps gonna bring worse effects to our body for sure. Okay, by knowing everything why still didn’t sleep?

I became really addicted to Kaggle, it's a site where you will solve some data science and machine learning problem. I am totally new to Kaggle, but I have my account for over 2 years but yesterday I used it the right way.

I am recently learning fastai, a deep learning library. Deep learning felt like some kinda heavy jargon that I thought I could never understand ever in my life. Personally, I hate math, and deep learning is nothing but full of complicated math. But Jeremy Howard, the Co-Founder of Fastai itself, and Sylvain Gugger (Research Scientist) wrote that book in such a way it sparks your curiosity and makes you run behind what’s next.

Writing this now, I feel so pumped up for yesterday. I haven’t slept for almost 26 hours but still up and energetic somehow. I used to have this excitement for learning at different phases in my life, and when I do, I learn it the best. In other words, I dedicate myself wholly to it.

But cutting down the sleep and sitting for too long doesn’t seem good, I could excuse myself for a day but if this continues then I am gonna run into serious problems later in my life or early who knows about the Human body.

I started to work on one problem statement and I loved the feeling when you create something and it’s giving you the desired output which you expected. For more clarity, me giving a picture of a flower to my model and my model will predict which flower it is exactly. How do you feel when your model gets it right with the highest confidence?

That feeling right there made me energized throughout the day without a thought of sleep. I end up solving almost 4 problem statements/dataset, it feels good when whatever you learned helps you to learn more which you only discover by experimenting with things.

People reading this don’t skip your sleep, it's damn important. I learned a lesson and I am hoping not to skip my sleep as well.



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