I hate to-do lists

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Being in a state of unproductive for almost 2 weeks or so, getting back to the productive kind of shits seems hard. I wrote down my plans as usual last night to get carry on with, and even the morning came but I couldn't get off my unproductive shell.

I went so harsh on myself waking up late and running my whole day unproductive. Nothing changed except I went low in morale.

What went wrong?

I love finding my own flaws, I do it especially when I write as I am doing now. My to-do list I write down every day was the real problem. I craft them with way too many things, kinda overestimate myself of doing a handful of things.

After 2 weeks of an unproductive run shifting myself to a whole different yield with un-measurable tasks was a mistake in the first place.

Unmeasurable tasks ruin the to-do list, we all craft our list but it never goes the way we plan mainly because we overestimate things we can do. That's why the idea of to-do lists never worked for me or made sense to me.

Well, I drifted myself to weekly lists, but haven't implemented them yet. Partitioned my goals and tasks to long, mid, short respectively, so I thought now there will be a clear view of what I have to work on.

It was easy for me to write things for mid and long, but when it comes to days I am started to feel the heat. How I am going to fix this? I got no idea but I do have the options.

Writing them now would be utterly meaningful now without me being never had a glimpse of it.

I took a step back experiment with whole shits and figure out which actually suits me so that I can write about it when it actually works.

Do you get any ideas? Feel free to share them I would love to read them!




Machine Learning Practitioner

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Ashik Shaffi

Ashik Shaffi

Machine Learning Practitioner

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