Writing this at exactly 23:15 which means I am 45 mins away from failing on my challenge. I didn’t felt the heat of the challenge when I was writing for 22 days, but I realized challenges included circumstances. I am here with no internet with no space to write things, my mind was filled with excuses to give this shit up.

Things don’t get hard at times because of our physical circumstances, your mind, gonna be your worst enemy at these times.

Circumstances get you down, but if your mind is strong enough to handle all those hustles trust me you got this. I had a feeling to let go today, looking back my other 22 days will die in vain.

Good thing I realized that while you are in the challenge, have a calendar or something remind you visually what you are up to. This keeps you reminding every day that you have something to work on. It worked well for me till now, forming a habit for me is out of my league.

I can’t do a thing for quite 3 days consistently, my previous failures taught me some valuable lessons.

Have a goal? Put them somewhere visually to keep an eye on it. Goodluck!

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