Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Having less than 2 hours of sleep, a load of stress looking at the machine learning model performing worse after running for 50 minutes, a massive embarrassment (personal), and what else could make this day hard and long.

I never felt a day this long in the past few months, and surprisingly with less sleep I still made it to be productive enough. But this isn’t an ideal way of doing things, I knew it very well but I don’t apply it to myself to make a change.

I could easily advise someone how to follow a healthy diet and tips to enhance their lives. It sounds easy when I do for others, so then I feel myself up above the risen clouds and gratitude I am helping out somebody.

I am stupid, and I get that.

I should turn those advice’s patch them right on my face before spitting them out for somebody. It’s more like Practice what you preach, for so long I had been preaching what I wanted to preach all my life.

Did you sense the difference? Sounds easy to spot the error but how to fill up a cement between those two bridges?

Oh boy, this shit is hard. I don't know how to leverage my own life from this absolute trash diet. It’s more like survival, but this time surviving from my worse me.

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