I realized I write things when only I am alone. When there is no one except my laptop to ponder my feelings on it. But these days being alone isn't easy, it gives me thoughts and making me remember the times I wanna pass by. Though it has the sweetest and great memories, holding them for too long and expecting them to be real for once, hurts a person to the core.

Although it's funny even after knowing the facts and the future, still the stupid mind expects a miracle. How do I revert everything?

That's not an option. Life will move on so as the feelings. Dumping the memories isn't a choice, what if those were the best moments? I will hold it regardless of the fact it hurts.

The smile, voice everything can’t be erased even though the distance adds up, and slips out of my hand. I will reach out as far as I can, but not with an intention to have it, instead to feel them.

It's not the same. But I can still move on.

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