Its all about the moment…

Fresher in my college, was around my 2nd semester with full of enthusiasm and curiosity to do things. But a guy who is afraid to open up a topic among a group of 5 peoples, typical introvert thing.

Yea, afraid of public speaking never wanted to put me in that situation. Somewhere I liked being staying in this shell but that wasn't the best mindset I know.

Bringing out all my courage one day, I wanna break this fear inside me. There was a event in my college, teachers were in search of someone who could host the meeting and make the guest felt warmed.

Since I said before, all were freshers no one was willing to feel embarrassed. I stood up convinced my teacher somehow and grabbed the spot. I had to prepare for it within 3 hours, which shook me up.

Nervousness was hitting my spine, with all these pressure being felt inside my mind I couldn't plan well either. Adrenaline pumping out and loosing my whole shit out. I couldn't explain this scenario much better, like I was crying the whole event should shut down.

The time arrived, watching my college’s officials and principals walking in made me even nervous. I went up didn't want to wash out this chance, I said to myself

Its fine we are in this together, will get through this. Keep the head high!

Self pep talk, I love it. I stumbled with my words since first time speaking among mass of people (50). I tried, thoughts went by , recalled them did all possible things and stumbled along the way.

Best part was, I messed up all the names of chief guest , college officials and principal. I cant help it, remembering name became an issue that day.

It ended awful with all messed up shits, still I was happy because I broke my fear.

Its not about how you deliver it, getting yourself in the moment gets you by. Your satisfaction means a lot than the result, if you do something with your soul failures doesn't hurt you that much.

Interesting thing, my public speaking thing took over after that incident now I can manage and open up a topic among groups. Dont have to run away from Toastmaster’s club and avoid events.

You got a fear ? I suggest you get through the moment and see how it goes. Things for me drove into shit whenever I planned, surprisingly unplanned things sustain.

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