At times I tend to feel why do I decide to write again because nothing has changed except the fact I delivered three machine learning blogs in the past 1 and half months. Before it used to be 1 or 2 in 6 months well quite progress there.

But also I don't want to write about machine learning every now and then, sure it's fun but I love writing about my thoughts and learnings more than machines. Months ago when I was on this writing challenge it was a bit easy then it’s now. Why?

Well, I was new and it was my learning phase where I get to learn new things every day but now for some reason that energy doesn't exist to me. I am learning stuff about it not related to life and well-being. While writing this I realized the promise I made on writing health blogs, but there is nothing to write about health when mine is shit.

It has to change. The scenario I am in isn't different from how I was months ago, it's not the same but it seems like eventually, it will.

Machine Learning Practitioner