Was listening to this song from the movie Fiddler on the roof, couldn’t capture the lyrics well at the first time. Then began to google about this song and was reading the lyrics + and listening to the song, wow, those lyrics were quite simple yet powerful.

But to be really honest I came across this while watching the big bang theory. Where penny mixes Rum in Virgin Cuba Libre for Sheldon and he began to bang the club with his singing and piano skills.

And if our good fortune never comes,
Here’s to whatever comes.

I loved the part where Jews welcome and greet not the good deeds in their life but also the bad ones, more like they making them strong enough to face it.

This kinda resonates perfectly with my current scenario. As in the lyrics if the good time never comes? I am always ready for whatever comes.

Za va, shas da rovia, Heaven bless you both! Nasdrovia!
To your health, and may we live together in peace.

And yeah, the above line where sung by Russians as they do their Squat dance, wanting nothing but health and peace all through their life. And if the good fortunes are gonna come we will only stand a chance, if we really deserve it.

As you dig deep into this song which I didn’t yet, but looking into the cream meaning of this song. My biggest takeaway was, care about nothing but the things which we could have in our present. What’s the fortune? We might not able to predict it. Yet, the best thing one can do meanwhile is to prepare themselves for the best and the worst.

Thinking more about what’s to come just ruins someone’s mind and health. Take a sip and praise L’chaim for whatever is to come.

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