Learn best with the community

I had been in the game of self-learning for almost 1 and half years till now, but my learning remained still for a year. There was no potential growth I can observe, the graph of my learning was linear.

There were no improvements, no failures, not many achievements everything was stable, but I counted in that was the optimal way of learning pity I was wrong after all.

Halfway to 2020, many things came to light. My learning greatly shifted I came off from my comfort shell began to experiment. My growth so far has been during these 5 months.

How my learning got better?

I started to spend my time on Community and Forums, I get to meet a lot of peoples better than me with alike mindset. Solving other queries was one of my best learning indeed.

At the same time, I learned how to ask the right questions and got to know there doesn't exist something called dumb questions. Sharing in the forums was a great way to get to know about new emerging things.

Sharing my works and getting feedback is the key to boost my learning, I had it here. Forum is a great place to learn only if we intended to have an open mindset of learning from all means of sources.

Engage in forums and community, crave feedback, and answer other queries that are the best way to improve your learning especially when someone up to self-learning.

Good luck!

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