Lonely Road

Ashik Shaffi
1 min readMar 7, 2021

As the day passes by I writing things on the internet for almost 115 days including today, but as it goes the road feels more like a lonely drive. It’s not about the view, it’s more about me lacking to write meaningful content that people would actually read.

I took this challenge for granted and writing meaningless stuff every day instead convince myself to write good shits. It just feels more depressed as it goes even sometimes thinking about quitting this whole damn road, but something deep inside me wants me to show up every day even if it’s 11:45 pm.

The worst thing is, I promise myself to write good stuff for at least a week or so. But I fail on making it obvious again and again, despite given the heaps of chances.

I don’t know what's headed up for me on the brighter side, all I know is not to break the chain. That’s the only good spell I would say to myself every day.