I stopped journaling months ago, maybe that’s where things started to pivot and got worse. I became too lazy to do things that would benefit me in the longer run, instead of running after things that gave me short-term happiness.

The only long-term thing I have been sticking on to soo long is writing every day no matter what happens. I show up every day, write some crap whatever in my mind but didn’t give up yet. And I won’t

Thinking about the things I have been doing these days, to layout myself and to be a digital creator. I gotta push my self do things that I considered out of my zone.

Things have to change, I can only do it by experimenting and being persistent every day. It’s time to break out of the zone which I thought the only way to live a life.

It’s time to practice things every day and expects nothing but satisfaction, then what about results?

Hope it shows up eventually.

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