Making learning a lifestyle

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

To make things short, till 2018 my mindset towards learning was filled with negative and utmost rage. The one to blame is the educational system in my country, then another is my perspective towards learning.

But right after when I quit watching shits on youtube and took a step forward for my personal development. That’s when things started to change, huge shifts in mindset and perspective towards things started to pivot.

But one thing didn't change till now, this is what I am looking forward to fixing this year for the betterment of my life. Still knowing how learning works and ways to optimize it, still, I drive myself into distraction and unproductiveness.

The goal of this year would be to consider learning as a daily habit, something I gotta invest my time and it should be eternal. The real reason I couldn't write blogs much informative as I did before because of the lack of learning. The learning curve of mine dropping these days, me tryna find possible ways to shoot it up every day.

The worse mindset I have been battling ruins my day to day work and even my learning.

The toughest battle we go through is the one with ourselves. Likewise I feel how getting the best of you feels like a everlasting process and falling into roller coster of emotions. Things would be normal if we are okay with mediocre life but getting out of the shell requires lot of will power.

Destroying the old beliefs and old process of habits and installing new one is an tedious process. I am into that, and I wanna fix it with learning.

Making learning a lifestyle indeed.



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