No Idea…

It feels so great to be back writing blogs every day, even after a huge break the feeling while hitting the publish button remains the same. Oh yeah, some days I run out of content like today, where I have nothing in my mind except to show up and let the time do his work.

It's 23:50 now and I have to finish this blog before it's 12. So by this you fella readers know, this isn't a readable blog. Instead a mini journal writing of mine.

Lemme be honest, I am still trying to fix things up in my life and organizing them. I have so many ideas in my mind and topics to write about, but there is something missing in my life, and I know it's gone.

Accepting the fact, moving on.

I made a promise to you all. I remember. There will be good blogs coming out soon lately.

Until then,




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