While writing this out, I have no clue whether am I gonna sustain in my challenge (or) break the chain. The problem isn’t with the content for the blog.

There is no internet connection in my house now.

Still, I can’t blame it all on the internet, I had access to the internet for an hour but I didn’t utilize it for the best.

Instead, I was scrolling through social media and was worried about my posting out my achievement writing for 31 days.

Our home wifi was down from yesterday night for no reason, I was tackling my Online Classes with the 1.5GB of the data I had on my phone. I still had plenty of data left that I could have used to write and upload my blog.

As you expected there is a moral behind my fucked up story today, which is, seize the moment before it's not too late.

We all have enough times in our life but we pass it as we are more concerned about things that don't bring value to us. Likewise, I did today, still had so much time I could have published my blog before things became complicated.

Every scenario and circumstances in our life have something in them, we never knew it unless we pay extra attention to them. It feels like a moment of a blitz because we are not wide awake to the moment.

Sitting back and observing each and every inch of the moment, de-constructing in other words could possibly pave a way for the fix.

Don't procrastinate, somehow I have access to the internet now but today was one hell of a message left deep inside me.

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