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Three kinds of work :

Well, we work every day, but we often don't observe or categorize them. Right after listening to the podcast, I came across there are three kinds of work where humans can fit themselves in. They are,

  • Making
  • Meshing


Mapping, it's the phase of work where the planning goes in. Things like finding a strategy for our work, conceiving a plan pretty much plotting out a course of blueprint before the action. Todd says ‘ Work before the work’ which helps to stay aligned with the bigger picture.


This is the phase of actually doing the work, leveraging the blueprint or the maps created for getting carried with the work. Here the execution of the plan goes in or doing the tasks we devised while mapping.


Probably my favorite part or in other words, this is the phase majority of people’s lack in them.

Identifying Productivity Profile

By mixing up these kinds of works, a productivity profile can be obtained. As the 3M’s could be 4D’s instead, piling up these reforms into M’s and D’s feels good.


Mapping + Making — Meshing = Driver ( No meshing here )


Mapping + Meshing — Making = Dreamer ( No engagement in work or Action)


Meshing + Making — Mapping = Drifter ( No strategic plan )

  • How completion will look like.
  • What does this thing mean to you.


Mapping + Making + Meshing = Developer ( Consistent people )

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