I was working on a project in simple words it will remove the haze (or) there any fog in the image. It was going well, but all of a sudden, the client who asked me to work on this project took back.

But I was happy inside as I know this will be a Butterfinger moment, I can’t either do this.

While I was coding this project up, serious things hit straight outta my face. I realized there is much more to grind in, and there was joy inside me, knowing this will be one hell of a ride.

I was again hit by impostor syndrome. I knew this gonna happen but shifting this guilt into assured energy takes time. Always I say to myself, Trust the process.

I knew I gotta hit back to the basics again which, I was ignoring before. Looking back, this could be the possibly worst choice ever made while learning something new. Those new shiny things stimulate your curiosity to jump right in happened with me.

It’s time now to move wisely rather than stop worrying about pace. Many learners look or run behind big shiny objects before they could tie knots with the basics. While reading, if you are one of these, trust me, you will get there at the right time but calm your braces a bit.

Pity I was falling behind all of my routines, ruining them up, one, bad shit multiplies to all of them.

I didn’t feel like writing out today, but there was a purpose I gotta abide by it. I came too long to break this shit now. I showed up that’s the promise I made to myself. By showing up, I believe nature will do its job and it did eventually.

Done writing my blog…

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