Having little at times makes you focused and lead to a happy life. My all source of distraction is from the excess things I equipped myself with. Say it Air Conditioner, costly phone with a good camera, fancy watches, fast bikes and etc... I can huddle up a lot of examples more but the source still remains the same.

It’s we tend to copy other’s lifestyle, I was thinking about How can I be unique? Be someone who is different and feel good about it. With less craving for materialistic things and more focused on shits that are needed to be cared for.

I am on my journey of practicing minimalism for quite 2 months now, nevertheless for the past few weeks, I feel I am laying out of track. I started to procrastinate more, stop reading books, no podcast, lesser became my learning and getting out of shape.

One thing that stays still is my writing. I do every day.

Today, a lot of realizations happened. Things I gotta pivot way sooner before I hit the rock bottom. Design a schedule for me that doesn’t put me in finishing things out of pressure rather do them with my heart.

Things feel imbalance all over my life, whether it can be my dreams or my current ongoings. When you think about being unique or someone to adapt to a productive workflow, things get out of hand because of too much thinking.

Same happening to me right now, running behind the perfect one pity me failed to realize there never exist one. Talking about the perfect one, I understood that's what you build outta your heart.

Have a great day!

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