Rough Days, still up

Clearly for the past few weeks since the year started things had been down for me. Be it learning, personal development, reading, or fitness everything.

What's the flaw? I tried to figure out and write everything but there is more hidden inside me which I couldn't let off. The real deal is I plan things and even take action on it. But shit what's the deal then?

I plan to code for at least 4 hours a day but shits pivoted it comes down less than an hour. Even the same happens with reading, I could hardly read for 5 mins or so, then hits the distraction.

Doing a task but with less involvement doesn't really happen to satisfy me, and puts my morale eventually down. Glad to keep one thing still and consistent, which is writing every day a blog. Most of the time my blog doesn't sound good at rare occurrences it turns out to be massive.

The rhythmic up and down majorly depends upon how healthy my mindset and mood is, looking at so many awful blogs. It’s clear I need a great shift in my mindset only that can help me writing good shits.

I will bounce back really well, have plans of writing great things on machine learning but my mindset fucks me up…


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