Living in my own shell, concluding myself as an Introvert, buying the lies of the society never wish to try to unconventional way. Those were the times my vision was linear towards getting a job and lead a family. It was simple, without not much going around, always scared of new challenges and changes.

But when I moved my ass from my comfort zone, I started to see satisfying changes in myself. I never had intentions to write a blog, learn how to code, get my works in public (I was afraid of critics), and so on.

Once you taste the success out of your comfort zone, things won’t be the same at all. You will be motivated and challenge yourself in every aspect of your life. I started with coding, gradually moving along with all the way I came this far. I never even thought that I would write a blog ever in my life, but turns out to be I wrote more than 130 + blogs and has over 2k reads.

If you’re reading this, get your ass moving and write on the internet. Do things that haunt you, get used to living with the unpleasantness of doing something out of your bounds.

Waiting for the right thing to come and hit you? I feel sorry for you.

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