Sit tight for a Pep Talk!

A tough year ahead, might not be the only year that could shape my life. But instead, this year can shape my journey. Things from financial stress and what’s next being a repetitive question knocking me almost every day, especially during bedtime.

Of course, life is a beautiful mess we run into problems, happy times and difficult times show up every now and then. Its nature, life can’t be always light up with happiness and positivity. At times we gotta head back to the dark attic to deal with negativity, but we hear this often being optimistic and some people labeled as one.

Well according to me no one is optimistic at one point everyone had to hit the attic somehow, those times might bring the hard stuff into their life. But yet how they deal with negativity helps them to hold the badge being optimistic.

Those people have a different take on negativity, their perspective, their way of accepting things, and the execution of everything would be way more different than others.

All my life I had to talk myself into being an optimistic person well now thinking about it, a change in convention and the variation in perspective can able to fix this?

I asked this and I try it out myself, whilst I go through my tough times, me being feeling so fucked up with all the chaos conjoined to make a move on me. I could possibly turn the tables aside and focus on things where positivity lives in.

Sounds more traditional method, but there is another one. Life isn’t going to be linear, talking about linear means all sorts of emotions and things. It neither can be always happy nor filled with sorrows.

Like the picture above with all those pleasant words and even at times some harsh and awful words will turn on. Behind the mask, everyone is dirty you me and other people we claim to be fascinating and great.

Well, I believe these 3 things could craft a person’s behavior and make it stand out as unique,

  • Being Kind

Looks too easy, isn’t it? Oh yeah absolutely anyone can practice it, but here is the deadlock. Embedding this into our life and living by considering it as norms of life is fucking difficult.

We practice and make things out best confidently and without any hustle during our best times and when our mind is clear without any fog. Now it connects us to the point I made above. Life isn’t linear and so as your situations.

Practicing and living by those 3 norms even at difficult times shows a person’s caliber and the trust in their own selves.

Oh alright! people starting to feel asleep, it's time to close the show. Thanks for listening by and if doesn’t make sense, absolutely fine and I forgot to put the caution → Take everything as a grain of salt!



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