Social Media Trauma

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It’s been 3 days since I started to make Podcasts, the first day was really difficult followed by the second day but from the day three things were under my control.

But starting something new especially challenging kinda compels me to post on my social media to spread the word about my work. I don’t do this either to create jealousy among others or to show off. The sole reason was to keep me up and going.

I believe when you post something on social media all the attention will be on you at least for a certain time. If you gonna do something crazy definitely people gonna remember you. That’s what I did, wanted to make an impact on others. But why?

Simple. So that I develop a mindset in myself so that my work is out there and people looking at it every day, even though they didn't. To be frank more like creating stimulation to help you run the race. This is what I exactly did.

Though said that on the other hand, it’s hard to keep off social media once you post something like this. I craved for people’s feedback and what they’re about to say. It’s my nature, I love attention. It’s something more like a drawback itself too.

This makes me lose focus and fall into the prey of social media distraction, which I always fear of. But after all, I am a normal human how hard I try to keep off things from my sight at some point in time they’re gonna come back to you. It could be even the other way but for it to happen a strong mindset is required, which I don’t have now.

Where you are so much confident and strong with your mindset and don’t let any other distractions win over you. It comes with practice and being true to the purpose I believe.

As easy as it sounds, without being in one's shoes we never know the trauma faced by them. I wanna escape this whole social media paradigm and create a consistent workflow for myself, that should be saving my time and keep out of distraction and also help me grow.




Machine Learning Practitioner

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Ashik Shaffi

Ashik Shaffi

Machine Learning Practitioner

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