It’s been almost 20 days since I started my own Podcasts, the main reason was to get rid of my fear of speaking and eventually get better at it. But yesterday was different from the rest, usually, it takes me less than 1–2 takes to record my complete podcast without any preparation or have a list of what to speak.

It took me 5–6 takes to record my 10 mins podcast yesterday, I felt really bad not because of the number of takes, it was due to lack of confidence in my speech. I expected myself to present myself perfectly without a teeny-tiny mistake.

Like I totally forgot the whole purpose why I am doing this podcasts and went on caring too much about perfection and ruined my confidence. Craving for perfection always gave me butthurts and pulling off my confidence level.

Whatever you do, it’s good to go with the flow and enjoy the process with time and consistency perfection will be attained. Writing this was more like a remaineder to me.

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