Scrolling through Youtube I found a channel James Scholz, looking at that I thought it’s another educational channel with the same content as others. I was wrong indeed.

Looking at the guy James Scholz made me realized I am doing nothing but enclosing myself with reasons. I have enough time and he does have the same time as well, but how do you make the best out of it? This factor differentiates people. The number of hours would be the same but how we make use of it matters.

I have been largely distracted by social apps and other crap apps, working on a thing for 10 mins or so I tend to take a long break. This has kinda really unbalanced my study cycle, shorter period of learning sessions, and long breaks. Not an optimal way or an efficient way.

It’s time to reflect back. Just because of that I am gonna spend 12 hours studying like him, but I wanna make use of the hours available to me in the best way possible.

You can learn anything from anyone. Be it your friend, sister or even a stranger paying a little attention to them will help us learn at least a thing from them. Lower your ego, be open-minded about things this is something really important for a Growth Mindset.

And again thanks to Youtube and James.

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