I and my study buddies were focusing on our work on a random Discord server. I was doing some research paper reading at that time, maths was killing so I was finding alternatives to wrap my head around it. And I did.

All of a sudden a stranger joined us. Neither of us knows this guy but we still welcomed him and proceed to do our works. After a while, I came to know this guy is even from the tech community, things started to kick off and a conversation was born.

After some chit chats, I also came to know that this guy is from a cyber security background and whereas I am from a different field. But we both love tech. So I started to kick off a convo on hacking and stuff.

As the conversation was proceeding, he then shared a link and asking us to join his community. Well that wasn't expected and I don't trust people that easy, also someone putting up a link straight out of nowhere and also knowing the fact he is from the cyber field. You know pretty sus.

On the other side, I quickly texted my study buddy saying, this link might contain malware so don't open it. Well at that moment I thought it was heroic like I saved somebody. But on the other, my inner self wasn't comfortable with that activity. Though it's for safety, I was judging things pretty fast. It is one of my non-appreciable habits too.

Then I approached him straight away asking why the link wasn't working, he then shared another link which directed me to his discord server. After getting into the server and doing my research on it, I came to know this guy is the President of a Cyber Club and judged him too soon. I felt really guilty.

After that instance, watching that guy doing stuff and how passionate he was about this cyber field made me respect him a lot. Also sparked my interest in this field, from then he has been a great guide to me so does his community.

Judging someone too fast always ruined my state of mind. And it's nothing new even this time. The behavior I wanna change in myself, for the greater good.

Machine Learning Practitioner