The Metamorphosis

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I took off today, was eating and sleeping giving some rest to my body. And I had a workshop to attend which is based on Solving problems with Deep learning by AICrowd. I recently took participate in their competitions, going through them I thought this workshop could help in any way to understand the problems which I didn’t solve.

The scenario was simple, I logged in, it was already started and I wasn’t sure of how this might end and what will be my takeaway. Whilst the meeting on the other tab I was watching The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon drinks an energy drink offered by Flash, which he thought could help him to stay awake.

So you know by this, I wasn’t attentive to the meeting. Yup, I wasn’t. I was merely interested in it but still loving it running in the background.

But somehow for no reason, I turned off the big bang theory and started to dwell in the workshop to see what really goes on. As the minutes pass by I really loved how the 2 guys were taking the whole meeting, one was explaining the nuts and bolts of the code whereas the other asking questions and tryna keep everyone in the circle. He could be really proud, as he kept me in the circle for longer than I thought I would stay in.

I really loved the passion with those guys sharing the knowledge and the growth mentality. Then another guy came up explaining how he got into their team and so on.

While he was explaining, I texted them all of a sudden asking about any intern role is available.

I mailed them with my resume and a bit of text explaining Why I wanted to work with them. I somewhere felt I could learn a lot by working as an intern there, it was like more of a gut feeling.

And they replied to me within an hour saying that booking me on an introductory call for next weekend. How crazy?

From binge-watching, The Big Bang theory laughing at how Sheldon mocking Howard and Leonard to writing a mail to them and manage to pull up an introductory call.

It was all unexpected, I realized at that moment anything could turn towards your side. But only if you really devote and respect it. The more you are interested and crazy about something the chances of getting it done increases exponentially.

And yeah, that’s my metamorphosis from binge-watching and lazy to bagging up an introductory call.




Machine Learning Practitioner

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Ashik Shaffi

Ashik Shaffi

Machine Learning Practitioner

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